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Without our sponsors we couldn't help.


Funds donated to the Youth Diversion Program are a valued source of sustainable revenue. The proper management of donations and donors are critical responsibilities of the Board and senior staff.

Donations: All donations must be receipted either with a receipt for Income tax purposes (where appropriate) or other form of receipt.

Donation usage: All undesignated donations of $500 or more received by the organization are to be allocated as follows:

10% will be allocated to the Capital Fund;
5% will go to the Endowment Fund (Youth Diversion Sustainability Fund) at the Community Foundation; and,
85% to the general fund.
Donors may, at their discretion request their donation to be used for a specific purpose, as long as that purpose is in keeping with the mission and values of the Program.

The funds are to be allocated on or before December 31, March 31, June 30, and September 30 of each fiscal year. The allocation rates must be reviewed by the Board on an annual basis.

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