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SNAP Program

Students from the Limestone District School Board and the Algonquin Lakeshore Catholic District School Board who have been suspended or expelled from school receive academic and non-academic programming to assist in their reintegration to the learning environment.


Anatola Stewart astewart@youthdiversion.org


Brett Emburgh bemburgh@youthdiversion.org


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SNAP Program Information


SNAP Program Information
The School and Non-Academic Program (SNAP) was developed jointly with the Safe Schools partners committee, which includes representatives from police, education, and child welfare sectors. The program provides an alternative to home suspension for students who are suspended under Board Policy and/or the Safe Schools Protocol, and where the school principal has referred the student to SNAP. The program is supervised by SNAP Classroom staff.

The objective of the program is to provide students under suspension or expulsion with an opportunity to continue their education and develop appropriate life skills and social skills. Assessments are used by SNAP Classroom staff to develop individualized intervention plans for each student. While participating in the program, students are situated in a positive environment, avoiding negative influences which may affect their behaviour. A typical day for a student alternates between academic work and life skills and social skills development.

SNAP Volunteer Description:
SNAP volunteers perform a variety of tasks. Under the supervision of SNAP Classroom staff, volunteers:

  • support students with academics
  • support SNAP Classroom staff in the facilitation of various life skills and social skills programming activities
  • perform administrative tasks to support SNAP Classroom staff
  • act as role models, be present and engage with the students

SNAP Volunteer Orientation and Training:
All persons interested in volunteering in the SNAP classroom must submit a volunteer application to Youth Diversion’s Manager of Volunteers. The Manager of Volunteers processes volunteer applications, which include reference checks and criminal record checks.

Orientation and ongoing training are provided by the Manager of Volunteers and SNAP Classroom staff. SNAP volunteers are always under the direct supervision of the SNAP Classroom staff when they are volunteering. SNAP volunteers are not to intervene in student conflict. SNAP Classroom staff will address student conflict. SNAP Classroom Volunteers are an important component and add to the overall objective of helping youth overcome challenges.

Location and Transportation:
The program is located at the Youth Diversion office, at 559 Bagot Street, Kingston.