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What is the Intersections program?

The Intersections program assists the young individual and/or their families to go through three steps:


Police Contact

The police will recognize the young individual who is at-risk of becoming involved in the justice system. The police take the first-step in making the initial referral to the Intersections program with the consent of the young individual and/or their parents/caregiver(s). 


Engagement & Screening

The Intersections Coordinator and host agency receive referrals made by the police and will directly contact the young individual and/or their families. Together, the Intersections Coordinator and the young individual and/or their families will determine which services are most appropriate and a referral to services are made.


Interventions & Pathways

The Intersections Coordinator completes the referral(s) as per the referral pathways with each service agency based on the needs and strengths identified with the young individuals and/or their families. The Intersections Coordinator will support and follow-up during and after the referral is made, until the young individual is actively engaged in three consecutive appointments with the new service agency. At this time the Intersections Coordinator will inform the young individual and/or their families about the closure of their file. On occasion, the Intersections file may be reopened if needs change or are unmet.


Who qualifies for the Intersections program in KFL&A

A child/youth who is 8-17 years of age:

  • Under 12 for behaviours police deem as criminal
  • Over 12 for behaviours police deem as troubling that are not criminal

A child/youth who is suspected of having mental health issues or illnesses, substance use issues and/or childhood and youth developmental issues; and

A child/youth who has had police contact

Intersections is not intended to support crisis situations 

Who is funding the program?

The Intersections program is being hosted by Youth Diversion, which is a charitable organization. The pilot phase of the Intersections program is being 100% funded by United Way KFL&A


For Emergency Help:

  1. Call 911
  2. Go to your local hospital
  3. Call:
    1. Addictions & Mental Health Services KFLA  613-544-4229
    2. Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868
    3. LGBT Youth Line 1-800-268-9688
    4. Detox Centre  613 549-6461

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